ESCI 323 - Earth Structure & Deformation
Instructor:  Richard G Gordon

Class Meetings:

MWF 10:00AM -10:50AM  Geol 327



Lab T 1-4: Geol 327



Map of Plates (1 of 2).bmp  Map of Plates (2 of 2).bmp                           Homework due Oct 9.pdf

homework due oct 16 and oct 23.pdf



lectures1-3.pdf    lectures 4-5.pdf     rudiments of plate tectonics.pdf   Earthquakes 2009.pdf Stress.pdf    Strain.pdf   Rheology.pdf  Rheology slide 27.ppt   Brittle Deformation.pdf


ESCI 323 2009 Exam 1 Study Questions.doc


2009 Study questions for exam 2 in ESCI 323.htm







Earthquake lectures 2007.pdf    Joints & Veins.pdf    Faults.pdf      Ductile Deformation Processes.pdf



     Ductile Deformation Processes.ppt   Study questions for exam 3 in ESCI 323.htm


Old Lectures:

Lecture Notes: Earthquakes.pdf,Earthquake_supplement.pdf

                         Plate rigidity, Plate Tectonics pdf, ppt, Earthquake_homework.txt



Cox & Hart--Earthquakes and plates.pdf       Article on Remote triggering of EQS on the San Andreas fault.pdf


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