ESCI 101 - The Earth
Instructor: Richard G Gordon,

Class Meetings:

MWF 10:00AM -10:50AMBL 123



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Press et al. Understanding Earth 4th edition; Alvarez, T. Rex and the Crater of Doom





2007 preview lectures

Earthquakes.ppt , Earthquakes.pdf


2007 Links

Gordon lecture 1.pdf , Gordon lecture2.pdf , Gordon lecture 3.pdf, AlvarezQuestions.pdf ,
Gordon lecture4.pdf , Gordon lecture5.pdf , Gordon lecture6.pdf , lecture7.pdf , lecture8.pdf , lecture9.pdf , SampleExam.pdf, lecture10.pdf, lecture11-12.pdf , RockRecord1.pdf, RockRecord2.pdf , GeologicTime.pdf , DeepTime.pdf


lecture1.ppt, lecture2.ppt , lecture3.ppt, lecture4.ppt, lecture5.ppt, lecture6.ppt, lecture7.ppt, lecture8.ppt, lecture9.ppt, lecture10.ppt, lecture11-12.ppt, RockRecord1.ppt, RockRecord2.ppt , GeologicTime.ppt

, DeepTime.ppt




Old Links:

2006 Lecture Notes: Earthquakes.pdf,Earthquakes.ppt,Gordon_Homework1.pdf, RockRecord.pdf, RockRecord.ppt, AlvarezQuestions.pdf, ESCI101--GeologicTime(March22).pdf, ESCI101--GeologicTime(March22).ppt, ESCI101--DeepTime(March24-27).ppt, ESCI101--DeepTime(March24-27).pdf, Exam3StudyQuestions.pdf, ESCI101--DeathOfTheDinosaurs.pdf, ESCI101--DeathOfTheDinosaurs.ppt, 2005Exam3.pdf, 2005Exam4.pdf, ESCI101--HydrologicCycle.ppt, ESCI101--HydrologicCycle.pdf, ESCI101--Groundwater2 (April 12).pdf, ESCI101--Groundwater2 (April 12).ppt, Exam 4 study questions.pdf, ESCI101--Energy (April 17-21).ppt, ESCI101--Energy (April 17-21).pdf, ESCI101--Ice (April 24).ppt, ESCI101--Ice (April 24).pdf, REVISED Exam 4 study questions.pdf, Anonymous Exam 4 and final grade.pdf,





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